Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A proposition:

If you own a device which you can fit in your pocket, which can connect you at will to human beings on every continent and provide you with instant access to an unprecedented amount of knowledge on a scale that would have made people through out human history think you were a god, you automatically forfeit any claim to being so destitute that others owe you their property and you may take it by force if they won't give willingly.



  1. May I also request that we take their (nonexistent) "right" to vote? Anyone needing help should not be allowed (indeed encouraged) to vote themselves more plunder.

  2. Meh. I understand why the founders were uneasy with universal suffrage; it undeniably causes problems.

    But I tend to believe that its problems are much less serious that the disaster we'd be courting by giving government the power to decide who can vote. I'm not even too sure about our current felon restriction, frankly.

  3. ...especially if you use these devices to coordinate with other similar unfortunates the said taking by force (or destruction) of others' property.