Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mmm... Tacos...

Ann Althouse blogs about theft from urban "community gardens". In the comments, readers opine about urban versus rural gardening, and two-legged versus four-legged produce thieves:

I stopped gardening in my yard the day I saw a squirrel carrying away a fully ripe tomato in its mouth. That was after I saw a ground hog eating my tomatoes.

I'd rather see the wildlife than have fresh tomatoes. At least it wasn't people stealing them.

I don't understand this mindset. If you see squirrels making off with your vegetables, that just means you've stumbled on a way to grow meat.

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  1. Suburban People who garden are just laying-out a table for the Forest-Critters, now apparently City-People who garden are just laying it out for their .Gov-Dependent neighbors.