Friday, August 5, 2011

On the VT "gunman" that wasn't

The Brady Campaign on the non-incident:

The Campaign said that if dozens of students and faculty had been armed on Virginia Tech’s campus, law enforcement’s ability to investigate the campers’ claims "would have been complicated and innocent people might have been harmed."

Most arguments for gun control are weak under examination. But this one--the "but if carrying guns is illegal, police will know anybody with a gun is a criminal" argument--is so far beyond stupid that it's hard to believe anybody can make it with a straight face. It's arguing that we should outlaw driving to make it easier to catch people driving without a license. It's arguing that we should outlaw speech to make it easier to detect defamation.

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  1. If people were legally armed, the MWAG wouldn't have been a criminal. No harm, no foul, no investigation necessary.