Tuesday, August 9, 2011

At the zombie jamboree

There are some teaser shots up of the upcoming Walking Dead game.

A zombie survival game with no fast zombies or exploding zombies or projectile-vomiting archer-zombies or giant supernatural boss zombies. Hell, it looks like it's not even primarily combat based:

"The Walking Dead" won’t be a traditional zombie-killing action game, a la "Resident Evil" or "Dead Rising," instead relying on solving puzzles and making a number of choices. You'll have to make some rough decisions, particularly with who you save and who you leave behind. As Telltale introduces new episodes to the "Walking Dead" game series (five are planned at the moment, only two are in production), new characters will enter the fray. Some will help, like a citizen who patches up Lee's wounds upon running into him, but not everyone can be trusted in this world of zombies. The freedom of choice will help expand "Walking Dead's" replay value, enabling you to make new decisions and see what happens to the main characters as a result.

As for the puzzles, Telltale Games isn't looking to go all out with real mind-benders. Instead, it wants to deal with realistic situations. The game's opening scenario, for instance, requires Lee to find a way out of the locked squad car.

So it's more of a survival puzzle game plus L.A. Noire-like social decisionmaking. With zombies.


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  1. Telltale did a fantastic job with the revived Sam & Max games, I'm sure they'll do a standout job here as well.