Thursday, August 4, 2011

Over there...

Commander Zero points out how much preparedness-types love military gear:

Where do we get most of our cool toys from? If you think about it, many of the things we need in our quest for preparedness have a certain military quality to them. Not necessarily because we’re militaristic or gun-centric, but simply because most military gear is built to be rugged, reliable, mass produced, durable and tough enough to withstand the abuses of a buncha tired and careless troops.

Me, I'm not a hardcore disaster-preparedness dude. But I still love mil-spec gear. Not because it's cool, and definitely not because it's the best available; civilian guns and gear are almost always better fit and finished than military hardware. I love military gear because it's explicitly designed and selected to be the cheapest option that reliably does the job. Buy a mil-spec canteen, and it'll be an ugly piece of injection molded plastic, but it'll work perfectly for under five bucks. When you're on a budget--and most of us are--fit and finish are a luxury you don't necessarily want to hold out for in every purchase.

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