Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burnin' down the house

Inspired by London's recent unpleasantness, Gizmodo recommends six tools to help you survive a riot mob.

They ignore the two most helpful: a large-capacity semiautomatic pistol with a couple extra magazines, and a pair of really good running shoes. Run, run, run, shoot only when continuing to run would be fatal, and then resume running.

A handgun against a dangerous mob is a terrible wager to make, but it's certainly a better mob-preparedness tool than a freakin' Camelbak.

Now, I'll cut them a bit of slack, in that these kinds of spontaneous and sustained episodes of mob violence tend to happen in places that don't allow ordinary subjects to have arms for their defense. I'm sure this is a coincidence.


  1. The Kool-ade is strong in the comments...

    Kel-Tec Sub2000 carbine w/Glock18 mags, FTW! Carry it in, say, a 5.11 Discrete Carry sling bag.

  2. I'd be lying if I said Kel-tec's folding rifles weren't a temptation. NJ's laws intend to make it impossible to have a gun handy for self defense outside the home, but they missed a spot: it's legal to carry an unloaded rifle. Exploiting this gap just because I can is very tempting.

  3. Bullet Hole was wiling to swap me a SUB 2000 for around 400 steel engravings of lincoln, that would take the G17 magazines and 9 mm ammo I already own. I don't happen to have that many steel engravings handy today, sadly.

  4. Whoops, Washington, not Lincoln. Wrong dead president.

  5. You threw me there for a minute. "Wait--400 pennies is only four bucks. And they can't possibly have wanted $2000 for it..."

    I'm strongly considering getting a soulless plastic pistol one of these days, but am not sure about the Glock's grip angle. I'm hoping either to like it better next time I try one, or that Kel-Tec decides to offer an SUB 2000 that takes M&P mags.

  6. We could always try and make a play date for our bang sticks. You can fondle my glock and I can play with Elsie or something.

  7. Sounds like fun. When and where's convenient for you?

  8. Well, the only range I'm a member of is the Union County Pistol Range - http://ucnj.org/government/sheriff/pistol-range/; I can guest in someone once or twice I recall. Sunday afternoons only.

    http://www.heritageguild.com/Locations/Heritage-Guild-Easton.aspx keeps slipping their opening date (now Winter 2011), which is a shame.

    I don't know what the options for you are - you're rather more north than I am, IIRC. I am relatively flexible right now.