Friday, May 6, 2011

They choo-choo-choose us

Al Qaeda considered attacking the U.S. rail sector on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

U.S. government officials said...some evidence was found [in Bin Laden's compound] indicating the al Qaeda leader or his associates had engaged in discussions or planning for a possible attack on a train inside the United States on September 11, 2011.

When the TSA extends its loving attention to the rail system, the same ridiculous children who say "you don't have to fly!" will be saying "you don't have to get on a train!".

When it starts trying to "secure" the interstate highway system--which, by its nature, will necessarily be a halfassed program with maximum intrusion and minimal benefit--they'll say "I don't know what the problem is; this is standard procedure at airports and train stations".

People who think the slippery-slope argument is a fallacy aren't paying attention.


  1. They had problems here when the TSA was looking a expanding it's reach to the state ferry system. And found that they don't actually have jurisdiction over the state highway system, which the ferry system is part of. Apparently they managed to talk the WaStaPo into letting them play, but only when, where, and as the WaStaPo asked for a bunch of people who can't actually do anything other than stand around. ("He's got a knife!" "He's allowed to have a knife." "He's got a gun!" "He's allowed to have a gun." "He's got shampoo!" "You know what? Get the fuck off my boat. Now. In the middle of the Sound.")

  2. Amtrak apparently told TSA to get bent when they tried to horn in on train stations last year