Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fair enough.

Thor was as good as it could be, I think. Previous Marvel films have shown that they can handle men-in-tights and robot suits, and know how to get characters you can care about into a superhero film. But making Jack Kirby's Technicolor Aesir to be anything other than tragically cheesy in live action? That's an acid test for the cinematic Marvel universe. The result may have been as good as it's possible to do.

That was one surprise. The other was Ray Stevenson, who I didn't know was attached to the production until Danielle said "Volstagg looks familiar..."

I'd like to welcome Stevenson to the world of non-awful Marvel films.

From General interwebs

The trailers now have me slightly less in dread of Green Lantern, slightly more in dread of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie (Tim Powers must be spinning in his grave!) and a hell of a lot more excited about Captain America. I'm sure the rest of the internet already knew it was a period piece about Nazi occultism and women in WWII military uniforms, but this experience of learning through cinematic trailers is one of the few advantages to being a crotchety, out-of-touch old man who doesn't understand kids today.


  1. I saw Thor in 3D and thought it worth the money.

  2. I thought so too. Definitely a good use of my money and time. It's a good sign for the rest of the Marvel cinematic universe films. If they could handle this, they can handle anything.

    In any case, it sure beats the <a href="</a> the last live-action Kirby adaptation</a>.

  3. Whew! Tim Powers isn't dead! And you should be ashamed for scaring me like that! I'll have to go have a drink of the Dark to recover...

    And I was not looking forward at all to Pirates of the Caribbean IV until I (just now!) found out it was (somehow) based on On Stranger Tides.

  4. It's just, there's no HTML tag for "Homer Simpson voice" ;)

    The On Stranger Tides adaptation angle has made me both more and less worried. On the one hand, it's a fantastic story that could make the film awesome. On the other, I just didn't care before whether it sucked. The trailers are, ah... not encouraging.