Friday, May 20, 2011

Quicker than a Ra of light

Apropos of yesterday's post, in a conversation with our friend Willow yesterday we came to a disturbing conclusion.

If, in fact, people start getting raptured tomorrow; and if, in fact, it happens at six o'clock local time, for each time zone; then the simplest explanation is not a resurrected Jewish prophet moving at precisely the rotational speed of the earth for some reason--it's a rapacious Sun god grasping humans for its own unknown purposes.

Danielle has decided it must be Ra. Just to be on the safe side, I'd encourage you all to make wax effigies of the snake-god Apep, and ritually destroy them tomorrow while chanting "Ra setteth; Ra setteth; Ra is mighty in his setting; Apep hath fallen; Apep the enemy of Ra is overcome". If tomorrow is going to be a climactic showdown between the Sun god and the chaos-serpent of the primordial Deeps, it couldn't hurt to stack the deck a little.


  1. Clearly the sun-god feeds on humans the way plants feed on c02 and synthesize clorophyll - but what does Ra synthesize? If you read the Aztec story, the folks who were the most recently quite active in sun-god sacrifice, it reads like roe-sham-beau, with one sun god displacing the next. The last one for whom they did most of the killing was Huitzilopochtli.

  2. Cultists: part of this complete breakfast.

  3. Cultist: it's what's for dinner