Wednesday, May 18, 2011

...a hard rain...

Another high point of L.A. Noire so far is the handguns, which are period-appropriate and rendered in exacting detail--visible detail, since you can examine evidence up close. This is a wonderfully immersive detail, and lets me show off and listen to myself talk, two of my favorite passtimes.

So far, the PC has used a service revolver (I'd bet a Smith & Wessom M&P, though it could be a Police Positive) and a 1911. As evidence, we've picked up a Registered Magnum and an FN 1922, in a detailed enough model to see the little retaining nub you hold back to remove the barrel extension for cleaning.

How well does this fit Danielle and me? We own versions of three of those guns, and I plan to get a fourth at some point.

This calls for some L.A. Noire Action Shooting!

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