Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As a beloved television star, Rochester touched millions of adoring fans...

Tonight, among other projects, I'm helping figure out how to tie an attractive harness on a woman's head, and making some small equestrian jump gates out of PVC pipes.

That's because this weekend the White Elephant Burlesque Society is performing at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival in upstate New York*. We've worked with the organizers before, both in last year's REAF and at a private event, and it's always a blast. We'll get to see bondage rigger Murphy Blue again, we'll finally do a bona fide collaboration with Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, and generally hang with the pervs. Always good times. And we have some new numbers lined up that I'm really looking forward to. Danielle's doing a kinky secretary number that looks fantastic and the aforehinted pony number, while Genevieve's polishing up a gypsyish dance so enthusiastic she's already getting tiny bruises from smacking herself with the tambourine. And though we have a small cast for this trip, they're all outstanding performers, doing a bunch of new material. These are gonna be good shows.

But for all that, the best part is REAF's headliners: The Wet Spots.

I love these guys. And White Elephant's performed a couple of their songs before. And we're seeing them in concert on Friday night and doing breakfast with them on Saturday morning.

It's gonna be a busy weekend; we're driving for most of Friday, doing four shows between Saturday and Sunday morning, and driving back most of Sunday. But damn, it's gonna be worth it.

[* - It's actually in west New York, but in New Jersey "upstate" means everything except NYC.]


  1. I'm going to have to disagree with your last - you have to be in a county that doesn't touch a borough or isn't on Lawn Guyland to count as Upstate. Last I checked, NYRF was not in upstate New York, anyway.

  2. After posting this, I've also been told by an "upstate" New Yorker that upstate can mean a dozen different things in NY, too. There are probably people in Manhattan who think The Bronx is upstate.

  3. I state with only some exaggeration that I know some peopel who would consider everything north of 86th street as "upstate".