Saturday, March 20, 2010

Looming Dread: A Love Story

As House Democrats try to pass health-care reform, filmmaker Michael Moore calls their proposal a joke that is more about Wall Street profits than helping people.

Within days, the House of Representatives will vote to pass the Senate health-care "reform" bill. This bill is a joke. It has NOTHING to do with "health-care reform." It has EVERYTHING to do with lining the pockets of the health insurance industry. It forces, by law, every American who isn't old or destitute to buy health insurance if their boss doesn't provide it. What company wouldn't love the government forcing the public to buy that company's product?! Imagine a bill that ordered every citizen to buy the extended warranty on all their appliances? Imagine a law that made it illegal not to own an iPhone? Or how 'bout I get a law passed that makes it compulsory for every American to go see my next movie? Woo-hoo! Who wouldn't love a sweet set-up like this windfall?
Now, you would think these [insurance company] thieves would love this bill—but they are actually fighting it. Why? Because it doesn't give them ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of what they want. It only gives them... 90%! YOU SEE, pure greed demands all or nothing.
And how big will the fines be if the insurance companies do deny someone coverage for having a pre-existing condition? Are you sitting down? A hundred dollars a day! That's it! So if you're the insurance company, and Judy is a customer of yours, and Judy needs an operation that will cost $100,000, what do you do? You take the fine! Let's say Judy lives another year after you've sentenced her to death, your $100-a-day fine will only cost you $36,500! That's a savings of $63,500! And trust me, my friends, that's EXACTLY what's going to happen.

...don't insult me and 300 million Americans by calling this "health-care reform."

Michael Moore is an asshole. Michael Moore is a hypocritical, profiteering asshole who sells an image of socialist absolutism, snottily propagating the meme of the "Age of Greed during which a system known as capitalism is slowly, but surely, killing us" in editorials with multiple inline ads for credit cards. He's exactly what Bill O'Reilly is. They just sell to different demographics.

So Moore isn't the kind of person I look to for cogent analysis of controversial bills, nor do I trust his assessment of what the "healthcare reform" debacle will do, or even what's in it.

But seriously, when the panderers to the extreme social-conservative and the extreme socialist ends of the political spectrum both think "this bill will do more harm than good" is a marketable message, you've gotta get at least a little ominous feeling in your belly.

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