Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Simplify, simplify.

Commenting on my last post, my friend Llamarines shows me that I wasn't sufficiently clear on my focus, something that's crucial in a debate as multifaceted as this one.

Government involvement in providing medical insurance is something I have reservations about, but in the right circumstances, it might work almost as well as, say, government involvement in firefighting.

This bill is a bloated piece of crap that will accomplish very little constructive. This bill can only be passed by ignoring the Constitutional limits on federal power, which further erodes the legal framework that protects all our liberties. As such, this bill is wholly unacceptable, whatever you may think of government medical insurance in general.

I have big, fundamental problems with this approach to government medicine. I have only a few fairly minor concerns and reservations about an "ideal" approach to government medicine.

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