Friday, March 12, 2010

The Ministry of Silly Phobias

A BBC columnist files a refreshingly unhysterical report on Americans who open-carry firearms in Wisconsin*.

One day passes.

The article gets over 800 comments.

[* - I'm ambivalent about open carry for political reasons, but two things: A - Wisconsin is one of the few psychotically anti-gun enclaves in the US that bars concealed carry, so these folks are using the only carry option they have. B - Being opposed to open carry in a nation that overwhelmingly allows concealed carry is really, really stupid. It's saying "protect me from knowing that people around me are armed".]


  1. Isn't it funny how the author takes about the expectation of Obama tightening the laws, then proceeds not to mention one thing that he has done or started.

    Even the National Parks Carry was started by Bush.

    The comments are hilarious
    I'm as libertarian as anybody when it comes to an individual's choice of life-style but carrying a killing machine does not fit in that category for me...

    Guess he isn't all that libertarian, eh?

  2. It's actually kind of surprising. No matter how many times I read Brits' take on guns, I'm still not prepared for how little they trust each other. Those who aren't lost in the (reasonable but verifiably incorrect) assumption that guns make violent crime more deadly almost invariably come down to something along the lines of "if a person has a gun and loses his temper, the gun just makes it too easy to start killing".

    I know they think we're "living in fear" because we want to own and carry guns, but we're concerned about that tiny minority of actual violent criminals. They honestly seem to think that all their fellow citizens are barely restrained monsters who're one moment of anger away from a vicious murder. I can't even fathom living like that.

  3. I can't even fathom living like that.

    Weird, isn't it? I don't really understand it either.