Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There's so much you can learn, when you're on a pachyderm...

This past weekend, we had a White Elephant road show in York, PA, where we were hired by Red Falcon armouries (whose wares are far nicer than their website) to play at a birthday party.

The audience was about ten people.

It was easily the most fun show we've ever done, and the best we've ever been treated by a venue. Any time part of your payment is a bona fide homemade redneck breakfast, you're gonna be able to chalk it up as a win.

Plus, those folks really know how to pick a birthday cake:

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  1. My wife NEEDS that birthday cake!! And I'm gonna die...

  2. I believe it was from Wicked Cakes in Boyertown, PA. I know that's a bit of a schlep for you, but is there any distance too far for an elephant stripper cake? ;)