Friday, April 15, 2011

For science. You monster.

As previously noted, gunnies are big nerds. But kinky folks... Well, let them show you.

[All links nudity-free but NSFW. Unless your work is _awesome_.]

Kink Engineering is an online retailer of latex fetish clothing and accessories. And they're big damned nerds.

How big? They're partnered with Necronomicox, a Lovecraft-inspired silicone sex toy manufacturer*.

But man, Until the teasers, I sure as hell didn't see their latex fetish Portal tribute coming. I'm not so into latex, but holy hell, do I want a rubber Aperture Science lab coat. They have a surprisingly unlatexed Chell, a Companion vac-cube, what appears to be an allegorical GLADOS dominatrix, and of course, cake.

They don't show the "grief counselling", but I'm sure it was memorable.

[* - How much has the internet changed the world? I can type that sentence.]

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