Friday, April 22, 2011


At the Art of Manliness forum, ove poster asks a fairly standard "what would you bring" zombocalypse question, asking participants to list weapons, vehicles, and something else:

5. Person to repopulate earth with or watch your back

What you mean, "or", paleface?

If I can only bring one person, that person's gonna have to be a multitasker.


  1. For thatmatter, anyone with whom I am going to try to repopulate the earth had better be able and willing to watch my back.

    I blame that jazz music for this breakdown of moral standards and the rise of the unliving, myself

  2. well, the Comics Code Authority basically banned the depiction of zombies in comics (along with drugs, for that matter).

  3. That was the incident I was thinking of.

    I suppose you would have more insight into the whole CCA thing than I would...

  4. Not so much these days. The CCA is pretty much a dead letter today. Advertisers and stores don't care any more, and I'm pretty sure no publisher uses it any more. And not a moment too soon.

  5. Pretty good. There was a nasty bit of rain just before Harrisburg, but we made it through and have clear skies to p'burgh. Barring the antics of truckers, anyway

  6. There's an (early-ish) She-Hulk comic which includes a rather snarky dig at the CCA from back when Marvel was still publishing under the Code.

    When someone asks her how her outfit survived having a building dropped on her, she shows the tag on it that said "protected by the CCA"

  7. Best of luck. We're just stating to see some apocalyptic thunderheads here in Bridgewater.

    Danielle and I will be setting out for the western edge of Pennsyltucky before sunrise on Saturday and hoping for the best.