Thursday, April 14, 2011

Overthinking puff news

Lada Gaga denounces plastic surgery among pop stars, says it promotes insecurity.

Frankly, I like Lady Gaga. Her music is catchy and delightfully insane, and she's a very successful artist when you realize that what she's doing isn't pop music; it's performance art.

It's interesting that she doesn't feel pressure to get surgeried up. I assume it's because her particular schtick doesn't rely on the kind of homogeneity that other mainstream pop stars need. When a large part of your marketability comes from being attractive, you need to push as hard as you can into the physical categories that appeal to--and are inoffensive to--the broadest possible group of consumers. When everybody does that same market analysis, everybody's going to end up looking very similar.

If Gaga can hold her career together in the long run, Madonna-like, it'll be interesting to see whether she feels more pressure to get cosmetic surgery when she starts to look older. Having the same chest, butt, and nose as everybody else may not be an integral part of the image she markets, but looking young may be.

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