Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Speaking of big nerds

One of my Better Thirds manages a paint-your-own pottery store. And is a big nerd. I left her this morning searching for ringtones that would make her new Droid 2 sound like a Portal sentry gun*.

Later this morning, she sent an image of today's front-desk sign:

From General interwebs


[* - This should be a lot of "fun", particularly since she uses the thing as an alarm clock. I don't look forward to the first time she gets a call late at night and we wake up to a creepy, childlike voice saying "Are you there? I see you!"]


  1. Once you find that sound clip, pass it on. I will then have to find and apply "For science. You Monster." as my incoming text sound...

  2. Oh, hey - I also need a co-op buddy for P2...

  3. I think it's her text message sound now. I'll see if she can pass it on.

    She originally used the Aperture Science system voice saying "dispensing product" (from when the test chambers generate weighted cubes), but something about the tone freaked her out too much.

    And if it was too creepy for Danielle...

  4. You know, we'd managed to avoid connecting the 360 to the internet for this long... Is Portal gonna be the end of our sequestration?

  5. Danielle sent you the file; be sure your spam filter doesn't eat it. :)

  6. Got it, thanks.

    Before you hook it up, got to find out if cross-platform will work between pc and 360.