Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Huckabee I D.G. Rex F.D.

I bitch a lot about Democrats these days, but don't get me wrong: that's just because they're the ones screwing my country up the most at this moment. I was all about the Republican-hate back when President Bush was the one wiping his feet with the Constitution, and as soon as the pendulum swings back, I'll be foaming at the mouth about the frickin' GOP again.

And as though he specifically intended to give me a reminder and a preview, Mike Huckabee went ahead and publicly fantasized about forcibly indoctrinating Americans into fundamentalist theocratic pseudohistory at gunpoint.

As much as I hated President Bush, and as much as I hate President Obama, President Huckabee could conceivably be worse than either, and his election would severely undermine any faith I still have that this country can be saved peacefully.

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  1. The gap between honor and reputation is awful small these days, isn't it?

    The first politician who figures that out is going to clean up.