Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vast Right-Wing Conspirisah

It turns out Danielle and I can squeak by budgeting to attend the NRA annual meeting in Pittsburgh.

The ticketed events were a bit too rich for our blood. It'll hurt to miss out on speeches by Mike Huckabee and Ronald Reagan's son*, and I'm sure we'll be kicking ourselves all year for missing out on the NRA Annual Prayer Breakfast, but we'll take solace in the quarter of a million square feet of exhibitor space.

I trust this will add nicely to my regressive privileged homophobic racist hater-of-the-middle-class cred.

[* - At the--ugh--"NRA's Celebration of American Values Freedom Experience". Guys, come the hell on. I'm completely on your side, and this is making me roll my eyes.]


  1. I'll be there. So will Ian Argent.

    There's gonna be some blogger gatherings as well from what I hear.

    I'm with you on the Reagan's son thing. ooooo......

  2. Excellent. We'll have to see if we can meet up at some point.

  3. Sadly, my wife talked me out of getting my FL Ticket just so I could tote there...

    Looks to be quite a decent number of folks I know from the intertubes there, as well as y'all I have met in person.

  4. I know how you feel; a FL permit just ain't in the budget right now. I keep internally whining "but I'll be in a _free_ state at an _NRA_ convention! I should get to caaarry!" ;)

    Drop me a line if you feel like meeting up at some point. Seven acres of exhibitor space thronged with people means we probably won't meet by chance.