Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Continuing the theme of state governments symbolically standing up to the feds, the Tenth Amendment Center reports on the latest anti-TSA bills proposed in-- ...New Jersey?!

S2509: "Specifies that certain images generated by body scans violate State statutes prohibiting invasion of privacy, pornography, and endangerment of child welfare under certain circumstances."

S2510: "Makes certain body searches third degree crime of sexual assault under certain circumstances."

S2511: "Prohibits use of body imaging scanners to screen passengers and airline crew members."

There must be some mistake. New Jersey is, in the columnist's words, probably "DC’s most willing crony state", and is so brownnosingly devoted to the Democratic party that it'd lavish fawning praise on a No Baby Left Unbarbecued bill, provided there was a blue name in the sponsor field. If a Democratic President declared himself Grand High God King Eternal, this state would ask if, given the realities of our budget, gilt bronze statues would be an acceptable substitute for solid gold.

Occam's razor demands we assume that reporting on these bills is actually one small part of a grand behavioral experiment by bodiless fifth-dimensional intelligences intent on infiltrating our global computer network that they might feed on the fruits of our abstract memescape. It's a far simpler explanation than the contortions needed to even begin imagining New Jersey's government could seriously consider taking issue with the policies of a Democratic administration.

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  1. Seeing that was a definite WTF moment. Gives me the warm and fuzzies.