Friday, March 18, 2011

Transatlantic rivalry

I generally try not to initiate critical discussions about our British cousins, because, frankly, the way my neighbor runs his house is none of my business. I have some serious objections to British gun laws and free speech laws, for example, but you know what? The British people didn't ask my opinion, and they don't need my approval. If their policies work for them, mazel tov. If they don't, then it's their problem to fix, and self righteous chiding from an American is hardly going to help.

But sometimes you need to make exceptions for a particularly egregious travesty:

From General interwebs

The William and Catherine commemorative five-pound coin is by far the ugliest design I've ever seen come out of a first-world mint. It makes current US Mint engravers look good, and that's a hell of a trick. Come on, UK! You're better than this! This abomination is on the same damned coin as a beautiful, classical profile of Queen Elizabeth, ferchrissakes. Most of your other circulating commemorative coins and proof commemoratives are adequate to outstanding, and again put US designs to shame. And even when you want to get all cute and contemporary, you can still do it with class and proficiency.

So then why, for an occasion with so much cultural weight, does it look like you took one of Aunt Eunice's Christmas photos to the all-night Your Face on a Coin booth at the boardwalk?


  1. It looks like William and Catherine are having a simultaneous bowel movement, and Queen Elizabeth is Not Amused by smelling it

  2. Somebody else noticed the Chuck E. Cheese tokens the US Mint is cranking out these days, I see.

  3. Ian,
    "The Love Toilet..."

    It's an embarrassment what they've done to the Jefferson nickel and the reverse of the Lincoln penny. Even the designs that haven't been changed outright, like the Washington quarter, have been reengraved for lower relief to speed production.

    But that said, if we're going to debase our coins into valueless tokens, they may as well look like valueless tokens...