Friday, March 25, 2011

I would walk five hundred miles

Or rather, five hundred fourteen.

See, over the holidays I fell off the paleo wagon, and put back on about half the weight I'd lost. It's a feeling I'm not fond of, and I'm sick of it now. So it's back on the wagon. And this time, I'm going for not just weight loss but better overall fitness; this years regimen will be eating paleo plus regular exercise.


After the Nuremburg trials, Albert Speer found himself serving a twenty year sentence for war crimes. As one of his projects to pass the time, he measured the distance of the prison exercise track, and simulated a walk around the world, tracking his progress in minute detail and studying travel guides to better imagine his "current location". In twenty years, he walked from Berlin to Guadalajara (cheating a bit by letting himself walk across the Bering strait).

I don't have that kind of drive or time. So I've decided to walk to Bar Harbor, Maine.

The distance between the street outside my company's building and Bah Hahbah is 514 miles. Two laps around the building is just a hair over a mile, making workday progress easy to track. I'll have to break out our fiddly old GPS to track weekend hiking.

I'll update when I reach interesting places--"a bit further down 287" doesn't make for especially compelling blogging.



  1. Unless you're walking it during rush hour...

  2. Do it while listening to Stephen King's "Stationary Bike" audiobook.