Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

A group of professional burglars broke into a Brinks warehouse with great cinematic style.

They covertly imported a cellphone jammer (legal in the UK, but banned by the feds in the Land of the Free) and cut the building's phone lines to disable the alarm system, waiting nearly an hour to make sure the cops didn't show up. Wearing black jumpsuits and galoshes over street clothes, they cut holes in the roof and climbed in, disabling security cameras as they went. Opening the bay doors, they backed in a rented cargo truck disguised with the shell of an RV, and unloaded their gear, which included magnesium rods for cutting through the vault, plus their own ventilation equipment and a generator to make them independent of the building's power. They epoxied the exterior doors shut to delay discovery, scattered cigarette butts harvested from a local homeless shelter to send the police after false DNA leads, and set to work cutting through the vault door.

And promptly set the money on fire.

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