Friday, November 4, 2011

I see no reason

In preparation for Guy Fawkes Day, The Old Foodie shares this recipe from The lady's own cookery book, and new dinner-table director (1844) by Lady Charlotte Campbell Bury:

Tongues, to cure. No. 1.
Take two fine bullocks' tongues; wash them well in spring water; dry them thoroughly with a cloth, and salt them with common salt, a quarter of a pound of saltpetre, a quarter of a pound of treacle, and a quarter of a pound of gunpowder. Let them lie in this pickle for a month; turn and rub them every day; then take them out and dry them with a cloth; rub a little gunpowder over them, and hang them up for a month, when they will be fit to eat, previously soaking a few hours as customary.

I recall reading speculation once that black powder may have been accidentally invented in a Chinese kitchen due to each ingredient's historical use in culinary pursuits, but I expect Mr. Occam would have some words to say about that.

[h/t to Le Loup]

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