Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sleep No More New Year Soiree

We've known for a while that Sleep No More was going to have a special show for New Year's Eve. Their ticket schedule was updated a while back with another extension into January, and instead of the usual Saturday evening shows, it showed a single 7:00 show with no ordering info. There was just note to await word through their newsletter.

Today, I got a formal invitation from the assistant to the Newly Entitled Thane of Cawdor, to "a royal feast in the presence of the King in celebration of the new year," to be held in the grand ballroom of the McKittrick Hotel, elegant dress required.

I about broke a finger forwarding the email to the ladies.

We'd all been assuming that as soon as this email went out we'd have to make a quick decision and order, since Sleep No More shows sell out fast. I just didn't realize they'd make this decision so easy for us.

The cost to attend the "His Majesty's feast...followed by a royal performance of Sleep No More, succeeded by the new year soiree" is $600. Per person.

I wish them the best, hope that the attendees get their money's worth, and hope furthermore that they sell out the event and are persuaded to keep on extending this cash cow.

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