Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Who will bemoan her?

We all know the legend of the Trojan War, supposedly fought for Helen, the world's most beautiful woman.

It's not an uncommon trope in world mythology, and it turns out there's a similar story in Armenian legend. Around the ninth century BC, so it goes, the ruler of Nineveh demanded the hand in marriage of a pretty young thing called Ara the Beautiful. Denied the demand, Nineveh went to war to claim Ara, setting off a long story of war, gods, magic, diplomacy, and mistaken identity.

The things dudes will do to get chicks, amirite?

Ah, but in this story the ruler of Nineveh with the raging libido is the sorceress queen Semiramis, and Ara the Beautiful was the king of Armenia.

If this story isn't already a shojo manga series, there's definitely a buck to be made there.

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