Friday, September 9, 2011

Skinner says you'll fold like Superman on laundry day

Today's deal at Woot is the enTourage Pocket eDGe Dualbook:

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[There's one at Amazon for more than twice the price, if you're reading this after the deal expires.]

Now, I'm skeptical of how useful an idea this is. I expect most peple will soon be reading ebooks on tablets, and ereaders will be a specialty item for the ever-dwindling nuber of people who don't like using computer screens for long periods. Selling to the pool of people who'll want both a tablet and an ereader so badly that they'll accept having to carry both every time they want either... It sounds like a limited business strategy.

But that's the rational part of my brain talking. The much, much louder part of my brain is saying that, even if its performance sucks, there's no way I can live without a high-technical super powered version of the classical wax tablet.

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Okay, brain parts. Fight!


  1. FWIW, the battery on the ereader lasts a week or so, that on a tablet might make a day. Maybe.
    The ereader may also be readable in bright sunlight, the tablet, probably not. So there are reasons.
    That said, I want a tablet, and the ereader will be stashed in a Faraday cage, along with charger and charged backup batteries, solar panels, and many, many 32Gb SD cards full of Everything Worth Knowing, at least that's in the public domain...

  2. I don't disagree; I have an ereader and love it. But its advantages, for the overwhelming majority of consumers, don't justify carrying a second large device.

    The perfect solution may be a touch-sensitive, instantly responsive e-ink style page that's capable of backlighting itself when desired.