Friday, September 9, 2011

It's a laser mission...


Wicked Lasers sells a one-watt blue laser--the most powerful handheld laser in the world--for just three hundred bucks. It starts fires. Now, I'm not a real laser fanatic; that's more Danielle's thing. But that right there is enough to get me interested. Not interested enough to drop that kind of cash on it, but mightily interested.

Now I find out that the kind of people who piss themselves over mere citizens owning weapons are having fits over it, and have been calling for it to be "banned or severely restricted".

In the opinion of, any Class 4 handheld laser like the Spyder III has no justifiable consumer purpose and should be banned or severely restricted...

To Wicked’s credit, they make the hazards clear at their website. In an attempt to warn customers, they do require purchasers to click through a list of eight hazards before they reach the order form. They voluntarily added labels to the laser warning against shining at aircraft, and stating “Blue Laser Hazard”, and they also include one pair of laser safety goggles.

However, accidents and misuse do happen. The News section of this website contains just a sampling of the many ways laser pointers users cause trouble to themselves and society. Making Class 4 lasers affordable to ordinary consumers is a big step in the wrong direction

And now my hand is compulsively going for my credit card.

These assholes, much like gun control advocates, make fantastic salesmen. They should put their natural talents to productive work, and get on the manufacturers' marketing teams. Come to think of it, how do we know they aren't already? ;)

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