Monday, February 15, 2010

The Week that Ain't Yet


Working five ten-and-a-half hour days to make up for last week's snow day.

Several evenings of White Elephant rehearsals and a tech meeting, in preparation for...

Wicked Faire 5: The Final Frontier. Wicked Faire started out as a winter Rennaisance fair, to catch the rennie market on their off season when they had nothing else to do. Since then, it's evolved into a grand "hey, Jersey's an unholy nexus of freak subcultures, so let's have a con for all of 'em" con. So if you think your local science fiction con doesn't have enough anime, rennies, BDSM, neo-Victorians, steampunk, pagans, stage magic, Rocky Horror, or burlesque, WF is exactly the kind of con you're looking for. And the White Elephant Burlesque Society performs there every year. This year, we're doing three shows--one on Friday, one on Saturday, one on Sunday.

Saturday's Wonderland show is our most ambitious yet, and it looks like it'll be great. It's the most plot-driven show we've ever done, and has permanent set pieces for the first time. We've recently picked up some awesome new talent. And there's less last-minute oh-my-god-how-are-we-gonna-pull-this-off-in-four-days stuff than usual. It's gonna be a blast.

But holy hell, I'm gonna sleep well on Monday.


  1. *le sigh*
    I wish the drive to Wicked Faire wouldn't kill me. Sounds like a scream!

  2. We also had, until, an annual neovictorian convention.

    NJ's a neat place. Its unbelievable population density means no matter how niche your interest, there are enough likeminded people nearby to make a club or con.

    Beam our state government into the Sun, and this'd be a great place to live.

  3. I think I went to one of these, it was at the NJ Convention Center in Edison a few years ago. Same place as Floating World.

  4. Yup; that's where it used to be held. They shared the venue with a pet convention, if I remember correctly. Any particular subculture bring you to the place, or did it just sound like a good time?

  5. I can't recall actually. A friend of mine used to go to these types of events all the time, so I went with her and bunch of wimmin. But I think I also heard about it from the people who run/used to run Floating World since I run in that circle.

  6. ...since I run in that circle."

    Ah, neat; me too. If you go to FW in August, there's a good chance I'll see you there. White Elephant's probably performing.

  7. I think sex positive gunnies are a real minority. But glad to see a few pop up here and there.