Friday, February 26, 2010

After a hard day of slaughtering zombies...

We all know the biggest advantage of "sustainable" technology is its reliability after the Zombocalypse.

Hand-cranked flashlights and radios trump batteries, because you won't be able to buy or recharge cells once the system goes down. A little plot of vegetables beats stockpiled MREs. A solar powered compound beats the hell out of the grid. Some folks even take this so far as to ditch the power and versatility of guns in favor of medieval technology, because "blades don't need reloading".

But that only covers the minutia of food, lighting, communication, and defense. What do you do for the technologies that're really essential for survival?


From General interwebs

The hand-cranked vibrator.

Finally, our zombie-proof retreat in the mountains of Montana can be fully supplied.

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  1. There's any number of "hand-cranked" jokes to be made...

    And probably a few "I'm going to unwind" ones as well.