Monday, February 1, 2010


We know that gun accidents are rarer now than ever before because of increased knowledge of gun safety. But it'd be a mistake to think that was for lack of trying on the part of past authorities:

"Another source of very many sad and fatal accidents resulting from the most stupid and culpable carelessness is in persons standing before the muzzles of guns and attempting to pull them out of wagons, or to draw them through a fence or brush in the same position. If the cock encounters an obstacle in its passage, it will, of course, be drawn back and fall upon the cap. These accidents are of frequent occurrence, and the cause is well understood by all, yet men continue to disregard it, and their lives pay the penalty of their indiscretion. It is a wise maxim, which applies with especial force in campaigning on the prairies, 'Always look to your gun, but never let your gun look at you.'
"An equally important maxim might be added to this: Never to point your gun at another, whether charged or uncharged, and never allow another to point his gun at you. Young men, before they become accustomed to the use of arms, are very apt to be careless, and a large percentage of gun accidents may be traced to this cause. "

--The Prairie Traveler, Randolph Barnes Marcy, 1859

That covers Rule 2 pretty thoroughly, and has a kind of implicit assumption of Rule 1.

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