Friday, December 2, 2011


We now have pet rats. They're the cutest things ever, et cetera. Seriously, domesticated rats are like tiny dogs. They're the anti-hamsters. Their names are Duncan, Malcolm, and Banquo.

On an unrelated note, I still use a small, keyboardless folding phone, and rely on T9 text prediction for text messaging.

T9 does not know the word "Banquo." This isn't surprising; it's not exactly a standard dictionary word. What is surprising is that its suggested alternative is "Aborto." Which I'm pretty sure is Jhonen Vasquez's new superhero comic.


  1. You haven't been assimilated into Android yet?

  2. Old phone still works. Why replace it? ;)

    We also kept our old, low-res box TV long past the point where it got unfashionable, replacing it with a newfangled flat box only when the old one actually stopped working.

    I tend to put low demands on my technolo-gah, so it's not a big deal. The only time I notice is when something needs wiki-ing and the smartphoned-up ladies aren't around, or back when I was playing Red Dead Redemption and couldn't read the ammo stat on the heads-up display.

    Give me a month or two. The battery on the old workhorse is finally starting to go, and I'll probably replace it with one of those little Google-driven uberzeugs y'all are so crazy about.

  3. See, I figured the women would have brought you over to the dark side with promies of dessert-flavored cookies and magic elf boxes already. Beware, with great power comes great battery drains. You might recall that I was festooned with batteries at #NRAAM