Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Paging Dr. Godwin...

Attorney General Eric Holder, who's been doing everything in his power to derail an investigation into a Justice Department scheme that coerced US gun dealers into selling rifles to Mexican narco-terrorists, and then tried to use the resulting carnage as a pretext to undermine Americans' Constitutional civil rights...

...Says his critics are attacking him because he's black.

Want to know why outraged rhetoric about race and sex doesn't get the traction it once did?

[This whole thing was a bit of a shock to me--not because it's strange for a liberal politician to cry racism when caught breaking the law, but because, getting almost all my news from print sources, I had no idea Holder was black.]

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  1. I caught CNN once with a clip of him testifying, and I also think it came up in relation to the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case.