Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meanwhile, in Burma

So a Burmese species of snub-nosed monkeys has been documented by scientists for the first time. The scientists were introduced to a specimen by local hunters who'd brought it back for food, so the headline is "New Snub-Nosed Monkey Discovered, Eaten". This is clever, because it reminds us that the only civilized, sensitive way to eat meat is by capturing the animals alive, genetically engineering them into twisted caricatures of their wild ancestors through millennia of forced selective breeding, and then paying somebody you've never met to kill and butcher one and ship you its carcass from hundreds of miles away in styrofoam and plastic wrap.

But honestly, I'm not here to rant about hunting. No, I just want to point to the photo of the cuddly little child of the forest:

From General interwebs

Holy everloving Jesus. Maybe it's for the best that these things are hunted to extinction. It's pretty obvious even at first glance that these are actually degenerate semihuman descendants of once-decadent Lemuria, howling their foul and blasphemous rituals in the deep umbra of the jungle in honor of their hideous glutton-god Chaugnar Faugn.


  1. David Drake wrote a series of novels based loosely on the exploits of Sir Francis Drake (no relation, as he explains). At one point he notes that it was a chance for him to get some use out of some historical logs of the era that he had read for pleasure. In one of them, the intrepid explorers describe what is clearly a West Africa Dugong - and finish with "and it tasteth like the best beef".

    The more things change...

  2. Well, what the hell else does an apex predator do when it encounters an entirely new animal? :)

  3. "Is this food? Yes? Good! NOM NOM NOM"

  4. Have you seen Dead Alive? Remember the giant Sumatran rat?

    Yeah. No one's coming out of that village alive.

  5. I haven't--to give you an idea of my horror movie literacy, I hadn't seen A Nightmare on Elm Street until Sunday--but after reading the Wikipedia synopsis, I will. There's no way I can die happy without seeing this movie.

    I don't suppose you and the 'Ray have any other required viewing suggestions, do you?