Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is where the party ends...

I can't stand here listening to you and your racist friend.

Remember Joan Peterson's 20 questions that got some play yesterday? A friend of hers who goes by Alan has weighed in to criticise one of Bob S's links about an unrelated topic.

Criticism number one is fine, if overblown: the linked articles aren't scholarly, which is true, even if it's not entirely relevant.

Criticism number two... Well, I'll let you read it yourself:

Following these links led me into a world that I didn’t know existed. The world where white men over forty don’t seem to realize they are a highly privileged class. White privilege is a fact of life in America, but here is a large group of the privileged who have convinced themselves that they are a persecuted majority. Their persecutors are people of color, women, liberals, and the justice system, to list just a few. I think rational people correctly see this as hogwash.

So no response to content. No discussion whatsoever of the issues. Not even a denial that the civil-rights complaints in the article are true. Just a bald dismissal of the validity of the complaint based on the race, sex, age, and presumed economic status of the person making it.

Joan, who's made a point that she thinks uncivil and demeaning language are unacceptable in an online debate, promptly weighed in:

I have to agree with Alan and this quote from Bob S. proves the point Alan was making: " The point is people's rights are being abrogated without them being guilty of anything, don't you think that is outrageous? "

Again, she isn't even saying he's wrong. Maybe their rights _are_ being denied without due process, but you're a white man, so shut your privileged mouth!

I gave Joan the benefit of the doubt, but this is just intolerable. I can cut people slack for holding unexamined anti-gun opinions, and even some classist ones, but selfrighteous racism and sexism on top of that is just too much.

These people believe they're doing good, and will probably never understand how much they're feeding into the corrosive bullshit that's so badly damaging all Americans' freedom.

Ms. Peterson, You got some 'splainin' to do.

Edit: Two hours later, five new replies have been approved, but not my request for an explanation. I guess she really is just another hack using conciliatory noises to try to reframe the usual pack of talking points, and for whom gun control has much more to do with stereotyping and culture warfare than with an intellectually honest assessment of public good. It was predictable, but I'd held out hope she might be one of the few good ones. It's a shame, if not a surprising one.


  1. Elmo,

    My statement was part of a longer reply to Alan -- a reply that was not approved by Joan Peterson.

    I also asked if it wasn't a little shabby to pluck one statement -- however accurate -- out of a comment and post it without approving the whole comment.

    A comment that linked to at least 3 different studies and reports showing that false accusations of domestic violence are rampant.

    Her behavior really shows that she isn't interested in "thoughtful discussion".

  2. It shouldn't be a shock, but it still surprises me how brazen these folks can be.

    I still think it's valuable to be conspicuously polite when dealing with new (or new to me) antis, because I've seen firsthand how far it can go. I've converted a raging British anti into a rifle nut, by giving him the facts in a way not likely to make him bristle.

    But it's pretty clear this one is just another MikeB.

    I appreciate you staying on top of her blog, buddy. You have much more energy for arguing with the extremists than I ever will. ;)

    I think Ms. Peterson and I are done. I'll chime in if she happens to quote my responses in rebuttal, but otherwise, my blood pressure needs a rest.

  3. You have much more stubborn in arguing with the extremists than I ever will. ;)

    There, I fixed it for you.

    Actually, I may just be more recent to the issue then most. I remember looking at the debate, trying to see both sides and finding one side repeatedly lying, repeatedly distorting facts, etc.

    And worse, few of the antis doing so were being addressed on their own blogs!

    I had to search for the counter argument-- did find them but decided that I would try to put the information out where people were going to be able to find it.

    Personally, I love how she is semi-whining how us pro-rights people are 'dominating' her blog.

  4. eh, she got all hissy when I said "put on your big girl panties and deal with it" so her sense of humor must be out of whack as well.

    Some folks can't be reasoned with. Them folks are "true believers".

    You can't convert a true believer, you can only kill them.

  5. Fortunately, like Weer'd says, we aren't the ones who need converts.