Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Starbucks Appreciation Day

On February 14, the ladies and I will be spending a romantic evening at Sleep No More for Hecate's Valentine. Because we are weak, weak people.

We'll also be dropping by Starbucks before the show to get ourselves all high on stimulants, and to thank them for refusing to cave to anti-gun activists. The dickbags at the Brady Campaign went after Starbucks a couple years ago*, figuring a chain that branded itself in such an urban liberal way would be an easy win. Starbucks told them to pound sand. Now, because all their talented people have abandoned the sinking ship and their "advocacy" has degenerated into Internet trolling, the frantically rebranding US gun control groups are trying the same failed tactic again, calling for a Starbucks boycott to start on February 14. It makes little difference, since the five people left in this country who believe in gun control can't buy that many lattes, but it would be nice if the Starbucks brass saw a little bump in business that day, just to drive the point home. If you like a froofy coffee now and then, kindly consider dropping into a Starbucks on Valentine's day.

[* - Context not included in that article: At the time, California allowed local police chiefs to issue and refuse concealed carry permits on a whim, but open carry of unloaded firearms was legal without a permit. Most of the people OCing at the time were doing so because they were prohibited by law from carrying more discreetly.]


  1. I think I can manage a cuppa for the cause. Even if I have to put up with the hated pink holiday.

  2. That makes eight commitments from my various social media profiles. That should more than cancel out anything the antis can muster. ;)