Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And if wishes were horses...

There's a meme going around, and I picked it up over at Tam's:

"What would you get if you could get any five guns, cost and practicality be hanged?

Cost be hanged? I'll rule out fixed and crew-served guns here, to keep the decision making process manageable.

1 - A registered, transferable Thompson submachine gun. I could never possibly afford one at closed-registry prices, and even when we get the machine gun registry reopened, I could never afford to feed the damned thing. But if it was free, I'd put the purchase price into ammo.

2 - A Savage Arms US Army Test Pistol.* It could never beat John Moses Browning's pistol, but if it had, this would have been the issue pistol of the US military for the better part of a century. Losing the 1911 would be a tragedy, but having our soldiers look more like Buck Rogers characters would give me a lot of solace. The closest I'll ever get IRL is the much smaller Model 1907 pocket pistol, after which the .45 Test Pistol was designed.

3 - A Nazi K98 rifle, with the swastika overstamped with Hebrew arsenal marks. I would make a point of taking it out to the range every April 19th, which is of course the anniversary of both the Battles of Lexington and Concord, and the beginning of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

4 - A Winchester model 1892 with a 16" barrel, in .357 magnum. Takedown model. The Winchester name cranks the price above comparable models in the first place, and you pay half again more for the takedown mechanism. But it's gloriously slim, and would be useful when travelling in those bleak backwater states (like New York and Massachusetts) that restrict handgun possession. I'd get a fitted leather shoulder bag made to hold both halves and a couple dozen rounds.

5 - A full-auto Mauser C96. With original detachable shoulder stock holster. It's on Tam's list, too, but frankly this should be on everybody's.

[* - Many thanks to The Weasel King for the correct link.]

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  1. Actually, about the K98:

    Years ago they brought in buckets of Israeli captured guns that were rebarrelled to 7.62 NATO. The story, as I understood it - was that they had literally metric tons of surplus kraut guns and nowhere to keep them or handle them. Israel was a fledgeling nation at the time and was pressing guns into the hands of anyone strong enough to pull the trigger in defense of the country. They literally scooped up tons of K98's with earth movers, front end loaders and steam shovels - dumped them into holds of ships - and sent them to Isreal. When things slowed down a bit - the Israelis refurbed the guns and stamped out the Nazi proof marks.

    I bought one of these when I was a kid. The beauty (or ugliness of it, depending on your politics) - was that mine still carried unblemished Nazi proof marks. I paid $200.00 for it and sold it for $600.00 last year. I dunno if that made it a collectors item or just a great conversation piece.
    I am not an eeeeevil joo or a Nazi or a neocon...but I stand with Israel too! So to show it I went and bought one of their Tavor rifles to shoot instead.