Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What makes a man; is it the power in his hands?

Laura Ingraham of the National Review complains about the feminization of the American man. In particular, the man-purse:

In their mission to erase all vestiges of masculinity once and for all, the fashion mavens have done away with the backpack, the briefcase, and the gym bag. The only accessory acceptable to the chic man about town is the murse. This purse-like man-pouch is all the rage in most metropolitan areas.

LabRat unpacks the stupid with her usual thoroughness. But fortunately, Ms. Ingraham sums up the incomprehensibility of her own thesis in two short sentences.

Why does a man even need a purse? A man should carry around exactly two items: a wallet and a phone.

The remedy for effete metrosexuality. Is for men to not carry tools.

A real man's man doesn't need a pocket knife, or a pen, or a watch, or a lighter, or a gun, or a comb, or keys. Being able to do things in the physical world is a mark of the unmanned! A real paragon of masculinity, should he encounter a problem he can't solve with his phone, will post whining Tweets until a woman shows up with her slung toolkit to make it all better.


  1. She'd hate my vest, then. Or, for that matter, my belt...

  2. "complains about the feminization of the American man"

    And then bitches about about appearances!

    "Being a Man" is about how one acts.

  3. I thought North summed it up well in his comment that as a REAL MAN he breaks down doors and starts his car with the sheer rage of his fists. No keys necessary.

  4. I caught that after Tam lead me back to the post. An image full of awesome. One with legs, evidently. :)

  5. Give it a bit - this time next year you might be able to start the car with the phone (as well as unlocking the house, &c.) For that matter, it might replace the wallet for many purposes.

    What it won't replace is the physical tools such as a knife or gun or lighter or comb. (A key is not a physical tool - the key carries the password to the lock)