Thursday, July 21, 2011

The red thing's connected to my wristwatch....

Go Green With The Sprout Biodegradable Watch:

Watches are one accessory that's crying out for some green love. They're worn daily, changed often and killed frequently with an accidental bump. Sprout understands and has developed a line of fashionable timepieces that can be tossed away without remorse.

Oh, thank everloving Baal! I can't tell you the remorse I've felt over bloating the landfills with the constant stream of broken and unfashionable watches I'm always throwing away! You know how it is; always accidentally microwaving them, or driving over them, or realizing they're just too last week to wear with any kind of self respect! Finally, we can throw away our wristwatches in a earth friendly way.


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  2. Oh, Michael. I expected more pretension from you. No glottal stop in Baʿal? For shame...

    (Also, these watches are ridiculous.)

  3. I was channeling my Old Testament professor, who pronounced it unglottalstoppily. I thought the phrase sounded better with one syllable. ;)