Friday, December 18, 2009

Extree! Extree! Read all abaaaht it!

via Uncle]

Convicted murderer out on probation in Baltimore fires on police officers with a .50 handgun.

The Baltimore paper explains that the gun is typically used for hunting in the first sentence.

The Baltimore police blame the justice system for releasing a dangerous criminal.

The article and quoted sources exclusively discuss cracking down on criminals who misuse guns, never mentioning gun control or quoting a Brady.

Is this even allowed? Is it a Christmas miracle?


  1. What kind of .50 caliber handgun? I hate journalists that leave me hanging. I suspect a S&W but it could be many other things, including Black Powder (which would be legal for a felon to posess in a number of states).

    They give some details but not the important one.

    Dang journalists...

  2. Since they mentioned big game hunting, I'd guess it's most likely a S&W .500 revolver. Expensive, and none too common, but criminals can be as caliber-obsessed as anybody else.

    You can never tell with journalists, unfortunately, but that detail's so specific, and the whole story so far outside Bradyville, that it seems pretty likely to me.

  3. I googled all over and couldn't find what it was other than nominally .50 caliber. Who cares what it was, anyway, he should have been in prison and he opened fire on police. If he wanted a .50 and they were illegal, he would have had one anyway...