Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not their strongest suit.

Many of you are already aware that DC Comics is rebooting its universe in September.

Honestly, my give-a-fuck has been out of order on this. I read almost no superhero comics any more, those I do are typically reprints of old material anyway, and since I started reading comics the DCU has been rebooted about half a dozen times. So it's been hard to get too worked up by DC editorial's attempt at "modernization".

Until today.

Behold, the "updated" Harley Quinn:

From General interwebs

It's hard to imagine any reinterpretation missing the point worse than this.

See the relevant Comics Alliance roundtable for a "better" image of Ms. Quinn's new duds, images of many more upcoming tragic miscalculations, and discussion of same.

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  1. Well, okay, _yes_ this is just _terrible_. In fact, that whole article sort of pinpointed a lot wrong with the new reboot (thanks for making me care!).

    _But_, yes, someone did ever wear a corset. Zatanna.

    And it probably should have stopped there.

    (Reference - "Laura: This is awful. Has anyone else ever worn a corset?")