Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What hath the Snuggie Wrought...

Behold: the Snazzy Napper:

"Let's see... An invention everybody will need... I've got it! How about a product that helps people blindfold themselves and lose consciousness in public!"

People say gun owners are paranoid when they talk about situational awareness*. Really, it's all relative. When some people get used to wandering around staring at the ground with earbuds stuck in their heads, and trying to buy a more comfortable public nap, a baseline of general awareness starts to seem more and more alien to them.

[* - In fairness, many gun owners encourage the impression with Tactical Jargon. Most folks' melodrama sensors are rightly more likely to be tripped by "being in Condition Yellow" than by "being aware of your surroundings".]

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