Saturday, April 3, 2010

Politics and the English Language

via D.W. Drang:

American anarchists incensed that some Americans want less government.

Concerned Tea Party movement may endanger government programs.

Billions of dictionaries recalled to correct flawed definition of "anarchist".


  1. Reminds me of an argument that I had with an 'anarchist' who supported universal health care and gun control.

    I guess being a 'socialist' or 'communist' has lost its edge among college-age youth, hence the need for more and more radical 'labels' (aren't we supposed to *reject* labels?) to stay hip (apparently, Trotkyism or Hoxhaism or Situationism are too obscure for them.)

  2. That was my thought, too. They want the hardcore cred, but don't want to deal with anything as scary as having to pay their own bills.