Friday, January 15, 2010

Holy Everloving Crap!

Republican candidate Scott Brown now leads his Democratic challenger by four percent.

In Massachusetts.

In a race to fill Ted freakin Kennedy's seat.


I realize the Democrat is a horribly unqualified candidate, but still, this is Massa-freakin'-chusetts. They haven't looked past the scarlet letter R in over thirty years.

What the hell has Mass voters so pissed off? The paper says it's because of voters turning on the healthcare Obamanation, but that doesn't seem quite right. Massachusetts is hardly a libertarian bastion of resistance to intrusive government anymore, and they seem pretty cozy with mandatory entitlement programs.

Is it all because of Coakley's awful campaign? It seems she (reasonably) assumed that the D would win her the race, and that she didn't have to bother with minutia like "campaigning" or "treating the voters with a bare minimum of respect".

It's natural that public sentiment is swinging to the right; the Democrats were brought into power by a moderate-left electorate, and are trying to govern from a far-left platform. But losing New Jersey and at _least_ coming this close to losing Massachusetts? That's a much, much greater swing than I would've expected based only on Obama stickershock. What exactly is going on here?

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